A website is a key part of any business, especially during the startup phase. In fact, according to research from Adobe, 48% of people stated a business website was the main factor in deciding the credibility of a business. The key is making sure your website accurately represents the nature and character of your brand.

A key factor in this, is making sure you choose the right person to design & develop your website, because the last thing you want is to have to back-peddle and have to find someone else due to problems later on down the line. So, we want to lend a hand in helping you find the right person for the job.

Here are 5 top tips to consider when looking for a web designer.

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If the web designer gives a price before knowing what the required work is then it’s definitely something worth investigating. Will it just be a template? Does the work involve changes later on? Will it be done to a high standard? They should take time to find out about the business, its purpose and passion, and understand the requirements of the job.


Your web designer will likely be the gatekeeper to the digital world of your business for a time. This means they should be easy to communicate with, and should respond in a timely manner. It’s no use trying to get things up and running, or trying to resolve an issue, and having to constantly wait ages for a response. If you’re having issues with them during the startup phase, then this may be the pattern throughout the rest of the time, and it’s much easier to switch providers now rather than later on.


Are you able to see what previous work is like? You wouldn’t pay a builder to build you a house without first finding out if they’re any good. The same goes for a website- your digital shopfront. The web designer should be able to provide examples of any previous work they have done, or, if they’re just starting out, should be up front and provide clear snapshots of what the work should look like.


Is the designer competitive in their pricing? Is the standard of work worth the price that is being put on it? The web designer should be able to give you pricing options and confirmation of what that price is giving you. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs, so clarity is key when it comes to cost.


One key fact to consider for any website is that it is NOT a one-time cost. There will be maintenance and running costs. The key thing to consider is who will be taking care of the maintenance once the website is done. Will the website designer also take care of maintenance of the website after it’s made, or can they refer you to someone else who does? It should not be tricky to switch from it being designed to it being maintained, so the designer should be able to have a clear idea of how that transition can happen: whether it’s being maintained by them, or handed over for you to maintain.

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If you’re considering getting a new website up and running, or looking for someone else to take care of maintenance of your current website, contact our team today. Our experienced web designers will guide you through the process from concept to finished product, with clarity of costs and flexible pricing to suit you. After we’re done designing, we’re also able to maintain your site to keep it safe and up-to-date. Contact us now about your web design needs.